Customers can directly contact us for warranty or exchanges/returns good at the following address https://mobile-id.vn

  • Address: 19 Dang Tien Dong, An Phu Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Email: info@mobile-id.vn
  • Hotline: 1900 6884

Working hour: from 8:30 to 18:00 Monday to Friday. Does not includes Saturday, Sunday and holidays.

Within 7 days after receiving products bought at https://mobile-id.vn. customers are warranted in the form of repairing/return/exchange products. Returned products must be intact, have no signs of being used and have origital stamp, package (excluding the product is defective or damaged during shipping). In addition, to return our products, customers must have purchase invoice at https://mobile-id.vn Warranty process: When in need of product warranty, customers will contact our service center. Our customer support will advise and support customers on how to transport products to the service center and the warranty process. Upon receiving the products, we will conduct an inspection on the products then report the status to customer and carry out warranty for customers. Note: All products supplied by Mobile-ID have 1 year warranty.

Return exchange product process is done when the package is returned to the warehouse of https://mobile-id.vn. We will take the next step to check products quality and carry out the warranty/return product or refund as per customers’s request. We will refund the money to customers in the form of payment method that customers use to purchase the products.

  • If customers pay via bank transfer, we will refund the same amount of money that customers used to pay for the products. The money will be refunded to the same account customers used to purchase the products.
  • If customers make payment at our company, customers are advised to come to our company to receive the refund (Sale staff will contact customers to make appointment) .


1. Exchange/return product as per customers request

All products purchased from https://mobile-id.vn can be returned within 1 (year) days from the day of receiving products (unless otherwise specified).

For products that need warranty, customers will directly contact us to receive the best support. We only accept warranty/exchange/return for products with original condition, purchase invoices at https://mobile-id.vn; unused products, including:

  • The package still intact, not torn.
  • Every parts, accessories must be returned.
  • Warranty stamp/ warranty card, trademark, technical instruction … must be intact.
  • No sign of dirty, scratched, broken, damaged, have strange odor or appeared to have laundered or used.

Note: Returned/exchanged products that do not meet the above requirements will be automatically returned to customer’s registered address according to order information.

2. Exchange/return products not due to customers’s subjective reason

2.1. Shipped products are damaged, has wrong details

https://mobile-id.vn encourages customers to check the package condition before signing for confirmation with the shipping, payment company to ensure shipped goods are correct and the exterior condition is still intact (no scratch/damaged). If it is the case, please refuse to receive the goods and/or immediately notify customer support department so we can have a timely solution. (Please note that further testing step such as product trials can only be accepted after the order has been paid in full).

In case of customers already paid in full, received products and then realized the products is damaged, wrong details or missing goods, please contact with our customer support department https://mobile-id.vn to receive instructions on how to return/exchange goods or send missing goods to customer.

2.2 Shipped products have technical issues

When customers having technical problems with products bought at https://mobile-id.vn, please follows the following steps:

  • Step 1: Check how to use the products, follow instruction in the “User’s Guide” included with each products (if any).
  • Step 2: Contact with customers support to notify product status. Customers support will collect information and connect customers to warranty department to solve problems related to product for customers.
  • Step 3: Within 5 days from the day of receiving product, if the product you purchase is confirmed by warranty department that the product is technical defective, you will be able to exchange the products in accordance with the company’s regulations.

According to our experience, more than half of products returned due to technicals defects are actually in perfect condition after being checked by technical department. To save time and convenience for customers, please read the user manual carefully or consult directly with customer support department to make sure the product has been assembled, connected and operated correctly before sending them back to https://mobile-id.vn.


At https://mobile-id.vn, online shopping becomes easy with convenient and flexible payment methods: Cash on Delivery (COD), payment by credit card, debit card (Visa/ Mastercard) or payment by domestic ATM card. Detail instructions on each payment methods:

1. Cash on delivery (COD):

COD is the easiest method to pay, especially when you are not familiar with online payment methods. Immediately after receiving the order, https://mobile-id.vn will comfirm with you by email, process the order and deliver the order within specified time. https://mobile-id.vn will notify customer about shipping fee.

2. Payment by credit, debit card

Immediately after receiving the order, we will contact customers to confirm the order. If customer wants to pay by using credit/ debit card, we will provide account number for customer to pay, https://mobile-id.vn will check payment transaction status. If transaction is not completed, https://mobile-id.vn will notify customer. If transaction is successful, https://mobile-id.vn will process the order immediately and deliver it within the specified time.

3. Payment by domestic ATM card

For customer choosing domestic ATM card as payment method, condition to choose domestic ATM card payment method is that customer’s card has been registered for online banking. https://mobile-id.vn currently supports domestic ATM card payment method for: “Insert bank name and account number”. After receiving the order, https://mobile-id.vn will check for any new payment transaction. If the transaction is successful, https://mobile-id.vn will process the order and deliver it within the specified time.


https://mobile-id.vn always aim to provide the best shipping service with a competitive fee for all orders that you place with us. We support nation wide delivery with a specific shipping policy as follows:

1. Shipping fee:

https://mobile-id.vn applies the delivery fee based on the signed cost with the shipping partner for all the orders. For customers living in provinces and cities that has company’s stores, we will directly ship the order to customers.

2. Delivery time:

https://mobile-id.vn will request shipping partner to deliver the orders within specified time when customer completes ordering. The shipping time normally from 3 to 5 working days (excluding Saturday, Sunday or holiday).

In case of customers choosing payment by debit/credit card, order process time will start when https://mobile-id.vn In case of customers choosing payment by debit/credit card, order process time will start when https://mobile-id.vn receives the payment. Please note that https://mobile-id.vn reserves the right to change the delivery time without prior notice in the event of impact from natural disaters or other special events. Your order will be delivered up to 2 times (in case the first delivery is not successful, there will be staff contracting to arrange second delivery for customer). We will try to contact you within the next two working days (via text or call directly), in case we still cannot contact or receive any response from you, the order will no longer be valid. If after 2 unsuccessful delivery, your order will be kept at the office of https://mobile-id.vn or shipping company’s office for the next two working days for you to come and collect the order – shipping fee (if any) in this case will not be deducted from the payment value of the order. Past the above time, the order will be invalid. To check the information or status of order, please contant Customer support.

When orders are delivered to customer, please complete the payment and confirm with the delivery staff first, then check if products have any defect. Please keep your shipping receipt for inspection.