I. Delivery policy

All MOBILE-ID’s products exist as file on computer and smart phone, so the main form of delivery are:

  • Provide installer on computer by sending download link from MOBILE-ID’s server.
  • Provide installer on mobile phone by sending download link from Android or IOS’s app store.

II. Installation policy

All MOBILE-ID’s products exist as file on computer and smart phone, so the main form of delivery is:

  • MOBILE-ID staff will perform installation for customer.

III. Uninstallation policy

For customers who install on computer:

  • Enter Start menu and choose MOBILE-ID software to uninstall.
  • Or uninstall software from Control Panel/Programs and Features and right click Mobile-ID software to perform uninstallation.
  • If you are sure to uninstall the MOBILE-ID software, click Yes to perform uninstallation.
  • Wait until the uninstallation is finished. Click OK to finish the uninstallation.

For customer who install on mobile phone:

  • For Android: To uninstall the application, you can directly uninstall the application from setting page in Google Play store, or go to setting page then choose application (Manage apps) in the download tab, you can find application you want to uninstall and perform unistallation of application.
  • For IOS: Touch and hold application icon you want to uninstall on the main screen, when the icon start shaking, click the X mark on the right corner of the icon to perform the uninstallation.

IV. Terms of use

Customer please check all devices and computers, softwares installed on your computers and connecting services (such as internet) related to access and use of service. Ensure all these devices compatible with our software.

Mobile-ID is not responsible for the inability to access or use our Software due to errors arising from network connection, hardware device, softwares installed on your device, including but not limited to hardware failure or incompability between our Software and other software installed on your device; weak or lost internet connection.

MOBILE-ID does not warrant or undertake that this Service is free of virus, interruptions or errors, however MOBILE-ID will perform the maintenance to ensure the operation of our Software meets its intended use.

MOBILE-ID commits that MOBILE has the right to use our Software as a service to customer and that is in full compliance with the laws on intellectual property.

By accepting the provision of Service to customers, MOBILE-ID agrees to grant customers the right to use the Software, subject to the terms of this Regulation during the time of using service. Excluding the above mentioned, nothing is construed to grant, transfer or assign the intellectual property rights of Software to customer, unless it is clearly shown in a writing that is approved by customer’s legal representative and MOBILE-ID.