1. Purpose and scope of collecting information

Data collection happens mainly on data will be collected such as: email, phone number, username, password, customer address (member). Those are the information that require member to provide when registering to use service and let contact for confirmation when customers register to use service on website to protect customer’s interest.

During the process of payment transaction at, we only keep detailed information of member’s paid orders, information about bank account number won’t be stored.

Members will be solely responsible for the confidentially and storage all actions using service under their registered username, password and inbox. In addition, members are responsible for promptly information website about illegal use, abuse, breach of security and storing third party’s username and password to take appropriate measures.

2. Scope of information usage

We use information provided by members to:

  • Provide services to members.
  • Send orders to addresses provided by members.
  • Send advertisment, promotion materialto members if they aggree to receive them during registration.
  • Send notices on information exchange activities between members and website;
  • Prevent activities of destroying member’s accounts or impersonating members.
  • Contact and resolve with members in special cases.
  • Do not use member’s personal information other than verifying and contacting related to transaction at
  • In case of legal requirement: We are responsible for cooperating in providing member’s personal information upon request from judical agencies including: Procuracy, courts, police investigation related to customer’s certain law violation.

In addition, no one has the right to infringe on the personal information of members.

3. Information storage time

Member’s personal information will be stored until there is request to delete the information or members perform the deletion by themselves. In every other cases, member’s personal information will be stored securely on server.

4. Address of unit that collect and manage personal information


Address 19 Dang Tien Dong, An Phu Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City


Hotline: 1900 6884

5. Means and tools for members to access and modify their personal information

Members have the right to check, update, modify or delete their personal information by logging in their accounts and modify their personal information or request to modify them.

Members have the right to send feedback about product quality, shipping time Administrators of website. After receiving feedback, will confirm the feedback, in case it is true as reflected by the member depending on the level of important, will have timely handling measures.

6. Persons or organizations authorized to access personal information

Mobile-ID is committed to not providing personal information to any third party. However, other individuals and organizations may have access to personal information in some of the following exception:

  • Customers agree to publish their personal information.
  • In response to a legal request or from a public authority or if Mobile-ID believes the action is necessary in order to comply with legal requirements or under the law.
  • In any event, Mobile-ID will immediately notify customers of the provision of personal information.

7. Commitment to protect customer’s personal information

Member’s personal information on is committed to absolute confidentiality by Information collection and use of each member’s personal information is only done with the consent of that customer, unless otherwise provided by law.

Member’s personal information won’t be used, transfers, provided or disclosed to any third party without member’s consent.

In case the server storing personal information is attacked by hacker leads to losing personal information, will be responsible for notifying the case to authority to investigate and handle promtply and notify members about the attack.

Absolute confidentiality of every online transaction information including digital invoice on

The management board of requires individuals to provide all relevant personal information such as address, email, ID number, phone number, account number, card number… when register/order and are responsible for the legality of the above information. The management board of is not responsible nor resolves all complains related to interest of that member if it considers all personal information of that member provided when initial registration is incorrect.